Promotional videos
Introduction to Human Design System with Elvin Demir Bataillie
year 2020, duration: 05min. 04sec.

This video was created to introduce an online course on Human Design. I was responsible to film the curse and to produce the intro video to promote the course. Human Design System Introduction Guide.

"The Human Design System is a system that helps us to understand ourselves and our world in a holistic and concrete way by transferring existence to formulas."

year 2020, duration: 02min. 54sec.

Promotional video made for the Lisbon Point tours company in Portugal. The main goal was to produce a short video to be used to promote this tours company directly with international travel agencies and to establish partnerships. Tourism sector was one of the most affected industries due to the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic. Several tourism companies operating in Portugal had to close and / or to fire workers. This video is part of a strategy to avoid this to happen.

Lisbon: Tracing the Roots of an Imperial Cuisine
year 2019, duration: 01min. 28sec.

Promo video made for Atlas Obscura about the trip / experience "Lisbon: Tracing the Roots of an Imperial Cuisine".

"Food tourism is the act of traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place."
Reviewing authentic places to eat and offering small group food tours in culinary capitals around the world.

O CASTELO lounge bar
year 2016, duration: 05min.

Promotional video for "O Castelo bar".
O CASTELO is a lounge bar with a unique view over Ria Formosa and is located in Faro old town. O Castelo is all things to all people: bar, restaurant, club and performance space. In summer the outside morphs into a party space, and there is regular fado (traditional song) nights. The client challenged to create something to advertise the venue as having "the best sunset in the world" and showing the surrounding city and natural environment.

Chimpery" light & sound installation @ LUZA - Algarve International Festival of Light
year 2018, duration: 02min. 11sec.

Promotional video for "O Castelo bar".
Boris Chimp 504 at LUZA light festival, LoulĂ© - Portugal 2017 "Chimpery" light & sound installation @ LUZA - Algarve International Festival of Light. LUZA Festival is na innovative project that promises to impact Algarve’s region with its uniqueness. It’s a Light Festival. LUZA assumes itself as na independent project that aims to insert Portugal in the route of the international festivals of artistic lighting.

year 2018, duration: 02min.

Safiyah is a professional Portuguese belly dancer, teacher and choreographer. She dances jazz/contemporary from young age but found her truly passion - Oriental Dance - while living in London 2007.

In this video I had the collaboration of Josimar Krithinas as second camera.

Meet Anuku Lorosae
year 2018, duration: 02min. 25sec.

Meet Anuku Lorosae. Born in Timor-Lese, grew up in the suburbs of Lisbon, raps in three languages.
Born in Timor-Leste, raised in the suburbs of Lisbon, the rapper talks culture and motivation.

This promotional video was produced by Pixel Asia. In this project I worked as director, camera operator, gimbal operator and drone operator.

Tiger beer X Arte Moris 15th Anniversary Collaboration
year 2018, duration: 1min. 13sec.

Tiger Beer (Heineken Asia Pacific brewery company) challenged artists at Arte Moris Free Art School in East Timor, to repurpose discarded materials used by the brewery to turn it into art.  Apart from the discarded malt sacks, they also reuse the drums and the wooden pallets.

Arte Moris (meaning "Living Art" in Tetun) is the first fine arts school, cultural center and artists’ association in East Timor. It is based in the capital, Dili. Founded following the violent Indonesian occupation, "Its primary aim was to use art as a building block in the psychological and social reconstruction of a country devastated by violence, with special emphasis on helping its young citizens."

This promotional video was produced by Pixel Asia. In this project I worked as director, camera operator, drone operator, video editor and post-production.

Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
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Videographer: Cameraman, Camera Operator. Aerial video cinematography. Locations: Lisbon, Lisboa Porto and Algarve - Portugal