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Welcome to my website's Promotional Videos page, where you can browse a selection of my video projects made to advertise events, art exhibits, services, and other products. Each project demonstrates my capacity to convey a subject's essence and distinguishing features using compelling imagery and narrative. The collection features a wide variety of styles and genres that were specifically created to meet the needs and objectives of the clients I have worked with, from exciting event trailers to captivating product promos. Discover how I can effectively and creatively promote your event or product by perusing the collection.

KAICIID International Fellows Programme
year 2022, duration: 02min. 03sec.

The KAICIID International Fellows Programme is a one-year learning and training programme that empowers institutions that train future religious leaders by providing capacity-building to select teachers. The aim is to facilitate dialogue encounters by giving these teachers and practitioners the tools, experience, networking opportunities and knowledge to pursue interreligious dialogue (IRD) projects and further prepare their own students to become facilitators and leaders in IRD. 

From 21 to 24 February 2022, the 2020 KAICIID Fellows Programme took place in Lisbon, Portugal. 61 religious leaders, dialogue practitioners and educators from around the world graduated from the 2020 KAICIID Fellows Programme. They are now ready to implement more small scale initiatives to promote dialogue in their own communities!

I was commissioned by KAICIID to film this event, edit it, and handle the post-production for this promotional video.

LAVAsteps | Island Discovery
year 2021, duration: 02min. 55sec.

LAVAsteps is a company of Leisure and Adventure Tourism activities, located in the municipality of Madalena on the island of Pico. Between mountain climbs, sightseeing tours, leisure fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, among many other activities, our goal is to provide our visitors with unforgettable emotions and memories.

I was invited by LAVAsteps to travel to Pico Island in Azores to experience some of the adventures they provide and to produce a promotional video for the company.

EXOW tours
year 2021, duration: 01min. 52sec.

EXOW is a sustainable tourism and travel agency that offers unique experiences on wheels. With a focus on eco-friendly solutions, EXOW strives to spread sustainability in the travel industry, supported by partners who share the same values. As producer and director, was tasked with creating a promotional video to showcase EXOW's commitment to sustainable tourism.

With active involvement in the pre-production phase, I casted actors, captured aerial footage with a drone, edited, and post-produced the final video. Produced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the video highlights EXOW's mission to increase the number of eco-conscious tourists.

Introduction to Human Design System with Elvin Demir Bataillie
year 2020, duration: 05min. 04sec.

Introducing a comprehensive online course on Human Design, this promotional video showcases the "Human Design System Introduction Guide". 

As the producer and director, I was responsible for capturing every aspect of the course on film. I directed, filmed and captured aerial footage indoors and outdoors using a drone. I also oversaw all aspects of post-production, including editing and adding English subtitles. The video serves as a powerful tool to promote the course and help interested individuals understand the concepts of Human Design.

"The Human Design System is a system that helps us to understand ourselves and our world in a holistic and concrete way by transferring existence to formulas."

year 2020, duration: 02min. 54sec.

Promotional video made for the Lisbon Point tours company in Portugal. The main goal was to produce a short video to be used to promote this tours company directly with international travel agencies and to establish partnerships. Tourism sector was one of the most affected industries due to the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic. Several tourism companies operating in Portugal had to close and / or to fire workers. This video is part of a strategy to avoid this to happen.

Lisbon: Tracing the Roots of an Imperial Cuisine
year 2019, duration: 01min. 28sec.

Promo video made for Atlas Obscura about the trip / experience "Lisbon: Tracing the Roots of an Imperial Cuisine".

As a professional filmmaker, I was thrilled to partner with Atlas Obscura on their latest culinary adventure in Lisbon. I captured the essence of this vibrant city through the lens of food to showcase the beauty and cultural significance of Lisbon's culinary offerings. Additionally, my aerial footage added a unique perspective to the already unforgettable journey. Through color grading, I enhanced the visual impact of the promotional video, further highlighting the beauty of this unforgettable culinary adventure. I am proud to have been a part of bringing this amazing experience to life for Atlas Obscura's community of travelers and food enthusiasts.

Food tourism is the act of traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place.

O CASTELO lounge bar
year 2016, duration: 05min.

Introducing O CASTELO, a unique lounge bar in the center of Faro's old town that offers stunning views of Ria Formosa. O CASTELO is a multipurpose space that has something to offer everyone, whether they want a tranquil drink at the bar, a sumptuous meal at the restaurant, a wild night out at the club, or a memorable performance experience. A lively party scene emerges in the outdoor area during the summer, and there are frequent fado (traditional Portuguese song) nights to enjoy. This video was made to promote O CASTELO as the top location for viewing the "best sunset in the world" while admiring the stunning city and surrounding landscape.

I was hired to produce, film, and edit this promotional video. I used a drone to capture the aerial footage, and I collaborated with a local writer to record the voice-over. I additionally collaborated remotely with an American voice actor to give the movie the desired look and feel. Don't pass up the chance to see O CASTELO for yourself.

Chimpery" light & sound installation @ LUZA - Algarve International Festival of Light
year 2018, duration: 02min. 11sec.

As a filmmaker, I was commissioned by Boris Chimp 504 to create the promotional video for their "Chimpery Light & Sound Installation" presentation at the LUZA Festival – Algarve International Festival of Light in 2017.

The innovative LUZA Festival is a Light Festival that promises to make an impact on the Algarve region with its uniqueness and presents itself as an independent project aimed at placing Portugal on the map of international lighting art festivals.

BORIS CHIMP 504 is a real-time audiovisual performance that combines audio and graphics to produce a singular experience. Since 2010, the team—Miguel Neto (Sound) and Rodrigo Carvalho (Visuals Interactive Systems)—has been developing stories that explore the connection between sound and image. The audio-reactive, real-time-generated visuals accompany the techno music, which also includes psychedelic and noise elements. The result is a journey inspired by science fiction and recent scientific discoveries, merging reality and fiction into a one-of-a-kind narrative.

I captured this unique experience during filming, editing and post-production and created a promotional video showcasing Boris Chimp 504 at the LUZA festival.

year 2018, duration: 02min.

Safiyah is a talented belly dancer, teacher, and choreographer from Portugal. With a background in jazz and contemporary dance, she discovered her true passion for Oriental Dance while residing in London in 2007.

As a filmmaker, I had the pleasure of creating this promotional video for Safiyah. I was responsible for the filming, editing, and post-production of the video with the support of Josimar Krithinas as the second camera. This video showcases Safiyah's skill and grace as a belly dancer and aims to promote her talents to a wider audience.

Meet Anuku Lorosae
year 2018, duration: 02min. 25sec.

Meet Anuku Lorosae. Born in Timor-Lese, grew up in the suburbs of Lisbon, raps in three languages.
Born in Timor-Leste, raised in the suburbs of Lisbon, the rapper talks culture and motivation.

This promotional video was produced by Pixel Asia. In this project I worked as director, camera operator, gimbal operator and drone operator.

Tiger beer X Arte Moris 15th Anniversary Collaboration
year 2018, duration: 1min. 13sec.

Tiger Beer (Heineken Asia Pacific brewery company) challenged artists at Arte Moris Free Art School in East Timor, to repurpose discarded materials used by the brewery to turn it into art.  Apart from the discarded malt sacks, they also reuse the drums and the wooden pallets.

Arte Moris (meaning "Living Art" in Tetun) is the first fine arts school, cultural center and artists’ association in East Timor. It is based in the capital, Dili. Founded following the violent Indonesian occupation, "Its primary aim was to use art as a building block in the psychological and social reconstruction of a country devastated by violence, with special emphasis on helping its young citizens."

This promotional video was produced by Pixel Asia. In this project I worked as director, camera operator, drone operator, video editor and post-production specialist.

Timor Furak
year 2018, duration: 1min. 10sec.

Founded in 2006, Timor Furak is a traditional dance group whose members perform many traditional and contemporary dances of Timor-Leste. The group is based in Timor-Leste While filming the documentary "SIKAT SUBAR" in Timor-Leste, I created this promotional video for Timor Furak. I met Timor Furak during the filming of the documentary because I wanted to better understand the traditional costumes of Timor-Leste and use images of these traditional costumes in my films. I agreed to make a promotional video for Timor Furak in exchange for filming them in traditional Timor clothing and using footage from my documentary "SIKAT SUBAR" The finished video features a band performance, and I used part of it in my documentary movie.
To promote Timor-Leste's culture, Timor Furak has performed in several countries, including Macau, Spain, China, Australia, France, Italy, and Turkey.

Virgílio Seco - Portuguese jeweler
year 2019, duration: 03min. 42sec.

Discover the stunning works of renowned Portuguese jeweler Virgílio Seco in his "Gold and Silver Mutations" exhibition. This collection features 30 pieces of exquisite jewelry including necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets, along with 10 beautiful silver utilitarian objects such as tea services and candlesticks. I was honored to capture this incredible display of craftsmanship through my lens as the filmmaker and editor. This exhibition was held at the Gallery of Temporary Exhibitions of the Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida in Lisbon from January 26th to February 18th, 2017. Get a glimpse into the beauty and artistry of Virgílio Seco's jewelry in this promotional video and find out why this exhibition was a must-see event in Lisbon.

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