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Welcome to the Educational and Awareness page of my website! Here you will find a collection of my video projects aimed at educating and raising awareness on important social, environmental and cultural issues. Each project showcases my ability to communicate complex issues in an engaging and impactful way, using visuals and storytelling to bring these issues to life. From informative documentaries to thought-provoking campaigns, the collection represents my commitment to using film as a tool for positive change and education. Take a look to see how I can help bring your message to a wider audience.

year 2022, duration: 02min. 08sec.

This promotional video is a teaser for the "A LITTLE HISTORY OF MUSIC" series of classical music concerts. The concerts take audiences on a short journey through the history of music, from the Baroque era of the 17th century to contemporary music of the 20th century. In a simple, yet engaging way, musician and music teacher Ricardo Coelho presents the main characteristics and stories of each era, while playing representative musical works on the piano. The primary objective of these presentations is to raise awareness and educate the general public about classical music. This particular video was filmed, edited, and post-produced by me, showcasing a segment of one of the concerts in the series.

eTwinning Europe - Promotional Video
year 2020, duration: 08min. 16sec.

eTwinning is the community for schools in Europe. It offers a platform for school staff, such as teachers, head teachers, librarians, etc., from any of the European countries involved to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share experiences, and feel part of the most exciting learning community in Europe. eTwinning promotes online school collaboration and teachers' professional development in Europe. For this promotional video, I, as a filmmaker, was responsible for filming in Portugal, while the video was shot in multiple European countries. The editing and post-production work was carried out by the client.

University on Youth and Development

As a founding member of the Media Team at the University on Youth and Development, I have proudly led the team for 10 consecutive years, delivering creative concept development, filming, audio and video capture, editing and post-production, as well as multimedia authoring.

The University on Youth and Development is dedicated to fostering debate, training, and exchange of experiences surrounding Global Youth Cooperation, a concept that has arisen from the youth movement worldwide in response to the challenges of globalization. This unique university, with its partnership of intergovernmental, governmental, civil society, and local and regional representatives, provides a key space for this mission.

The Media Team, composed of UYD participants (typically 3 to 5 young media makers), utilizes media and audiovisual tools to support their respective organizations. The team's objectives are to empower individuals with media skills for their own development and that of their communities, to provide access to positive media for expression for people of all abilities and backgrounds, to create media products with ethical values that benefit individuals, organizations, and the wider community, to foster teamwork and higher-level skill development through cooperative activities, and to promote intercultural dialogue.

Through my leadership of the Media Team, I have gained valuable insights into human relations, stress management, patience, and group management, all while producing content with limited resources.

Youth Rights
year: 2012, duration: 08 min 51 sec.

A series of videos created to be used during the round table on Youth Rights of the 13th University on Youth and Development (in 2012). Some young people (randomly picked from the group of participants) told us their stories and we produced several short video teasers to that were used to incentivize an open debate on youth rights.

Being a volunteer
year: 2011, duration: 16 min 53 sec.

Video created with the University on Youth and Development participants, where they share their experiences as volunteers.

year: 2011, duration: 01 min 49 sec.

Teaser created for the University on Youth and Development International Solidartity Evening, to present some of the topics to be debated.

Stand Up and Make Noise - Video Production for Campaign
year: 2011, duration: 01 min 49 sec.

A video produced for the "Stand Up, Take Action and Make Noise for the Millennium Development Goals" 2010 campaign by the Media Team. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are an eight-point plan with specific targets and deadlines aimed at improving the lives of the world's poorest people.

Organized by the United Nations Millennium Campaign, this video celebrates the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Millennium Declaration and its creation of the MDGs. The Campaign targets intergovernmental, government, civil society organizations and media at both global and regional levels.

As a founder and leader of the Media Team, I was responsible for the concept creation, filming, editing, and post-production of this video production.

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