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Welcome to my website's page dedicated to education and awareness raising on significant social, environmental, and cultural issues. Here you will find a selection of my video projects. Each project demonstrates my capacity to convey complex ideas in an interesting and powerful manner by using imagery and narrative to give these ideas life. The collection reflects my dedication to using film as a tool for positive change and education, ranging from educational documentaries to provocative campaigns. Take a look to see how I can assist in spreading the word about your message to more people.

year 2022, duration: 02min. 08sec.

This advertisement is a teaser for the classical music concerts in the "A LITTLE HISTORY OF MUSIC" series. The concerts take audiences on a brief tour through the history of music, from the 17th-century Baroque period to 20th-century contemporary music. As he plays representative musical pieces on the piano, pianist and music educator Ricardo Coelho explains the key traits and tales of each era in a straightforward yet captivating manner. These performances' main goals are to increase public awareness of classical music and its importance through education. I shot, edited, and post-produced this particular video, which features a portion of one of the series' concerts.

eTwinning Europe - Promotional Video
year 2020, duration: 08min. 16sec.

The community for European schools is called eTwinning. It provides a platform for school employees like teachers, principals, librarians, and others. from any of the participating European nations to interact, work together, create projects, exchange stories, and feel a part of the most exciting learning community in Europe. In Europe, eTwinning encourages teachers' professional development and online school collaboration. As the director of this promotional video, I was in charge of filming in Portugal while the video was actually shot in several different European nations. The client handled the editing and post-production tasks.

University on Youth and Development

I was a founding member of the University on Youth and Development's media team, and I've had the honor of leading it for ten years straight while providing creative concept development, filming, audio and video capture, editing and post-production, as well as multimedia authoring.

The University of Youth and Development is committed to discussion, education and exchange of experiences related to global youth cooperation, a concept that has emerged from youth movements around the world in response to these challenges. challenges of globalization This unique university provides an important space for this mission in partnership with intergovernmental, governmental, civil society and local and regional representatives.

Each UYD participant's media team, which supports each organization, is made up of three to five young media producers. The team's objectives include ensuring that people of all backgrounds and abilities have access to constructive media for self-expression, producing media with moral standards that benefit both individuals and organizations as well as the larger community, encouraging teamwork and advanced skill development through cooperative activities, and fostering intercultural dialogue. The media team, made up of UYD participants (typically 3-5 young media creators), uses media and audiovisual tools to support each organization's efforts to fully and authentically express who they are. 

Create ethically valuable communication products that benefit individuals, groups, and the larger community, encourage collaboration and the growth of advanced skills through cooperation and promotion. foster cross-cultural communication. I have learned a lot about managing people, stress, patience, and groups while producing content with limited resources thanks to my role as the Media Team leader.

Youth Rights
year: 2012, duration: 08 min 51 sec.

A series of videos created to be used during the round table on Youth Rights of the 13th University on Youth and Development (in 2012). Some young people (randomly picked from the group of participants) told us their stories and we produced several short video teasers to that were used to incentivize an open debate on youth rights.

Being a volunteer
year: 2011, duration: 16 min 53 sec.

Video created with the University on Youth and Development participants, where they share their experiences as volunteers.

year: 2011, duration: 01 min 49 sec.

Teaser created for the University on Youth and Development International Solidartity Evening, to present some of the topics to be debated.

Stand Up and Make Noise - Video Production for Campaign
year: 2011, duration: 01 min 49 sec.

A video produced for the "Stand Up, Take Action and Make Noise for the Millennium Development Goals" 2010 campaign by the Media Team. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are an eight-point plan with specific targets and deadlines aimed at improving the lives of the world's poorest people.

Organized by the United Nations Millennium Campaign, this video celebrates the tenth anniversary of the signing of the Millennium Declaration and its creation of the MDGs. The Campaign targets intergovernmental, government, civil society organizations and media at both global and regional levels.

As a founder and leader of the Media Team, I was responsible for the concept creation, filming, editing, and post-production of this video production.

Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
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