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The video and film projects I've produced for commercial use, especially those intended to promote businesses and products, can be found on this page of my website. Each project serves as a showcase for my artistic abilities, understanding of advertising strategies, and capacity to bring concepts to life through arresting imagery and compelling narrative. Each piece in the series satisfies the unique requirements and objectives of the clients I've worked with while showcasing a variety of styles and genres. See if there is any way I can assist you in putting your ideas on the screen.

Huawei | The Power of an Engineer’s Promise
year 2022

Luis, an engineer from Huawei's Portugal office, faced with the difficulty of not being able to enter the customer's laboratory and the pressure of short term delivery during the epidemic, completed the simulated installation and commissioning in his garage, which was affirmed by the customer. The video takes Luis's two sons’ points of view and shows how they see their father's mysterious work in the garage and the warm family relationship between them.
This short film is based on a true story.

Script: Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
Director: Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
DOP: Victor Santos
Video assistant: Pedro G. Santos
Editing and Post- Production: Filmesdamente
Producer: Lindsay Liu 

Run like nobody else
year 2017

A promotional video produced by Bluecell Comunicación for El corte Ingles - Portugal

Creative concept by Bluecell Comunicación
Filmed by Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
Editing and Post-Production by Bluecell Comunicación

Conhece a Crew Cabelo Pantene
year 2016

This video was produced by Blua, a Spanish production company based in Barcelona. The film was shoot in Lisbon and is part of an international advertising campaign for Pantene.  My role in this video was 1st Assistant Camera (1st AC).

Client: Pantene
Agency: DoubleYou
Production Co.: BLUA
Director: Alexandr Tregon

Google Is A Growth Engine for Business
year 2015

Bringing the Power of the Web to Portuguese Small Businesses.
In 2015, I had the opportunity to produce, direct, and handle the post-production of three promotional films for Google to promote its AdWords service in Portugal. The aim was to showcase how small businesses across the country were leveraging the power of the web to grow their operations.

At the time, entrepreneurs from various industries, such as farmers, florists, clockmakers, cheesemakers, and antique shops, were finding new customers online and expanding their reach globally, thanks to the internet. Studies showed that businesses that used the web intensively grew up to four times faster compared to those that did not, leading to job creation and growth across all sectors.

Google, as a leading provider of platforms, tools, and resources, was at the forefront of this movement, empowering businesses and fostering economic growth. The three films I created highlighted some of the most inspiring stories from Portuguese businesses and how they were using the web to reach new customers, expand to new markets, and increase their workforce.

These films were part of a larger project initiated by Google and participated by filmmakers from all over Europe. The end result was a collection of compelling stories from businesses across the continent, demonstrating the transformative power of the web. The videos were used in 28 different European countries and had the potential to reach a massive audience of 510 million people.

Atelier Antonio Alfaiate

Atelier António Alfaiate is going from strength to strength.
The Atelier Antonio Alfaiate in Portugal has grown from 1 to 5 employees, using the internet to develop their business and target customers through Google AdWords.

2011 saw the launch of a new boutique in Porto specialising in dressmaking, tailoring and alterations. Owner Anabela Reis began using Google AdWords right from the outset to promote her business online. She couldn’t have made a smarter move and today owes around 80% of her clientele to AdWords. This online visibility has brought her clients from all over Portugal, but also from further afield, for example Munich, London and Paris. Firstly, the quality of the service that she provides sets her apart from the competition, such as alterations shops that spring up and then go under a few months later, and secondly, the vital role that Google plays. Anabela explains,

My shop is going from strength to strength and might have already closed its doors if it weren’t for AdWords.

Anabela Reis, owner, Atelier António Alfaiate.

Having tried various other online platforms, she has found Google AdWords offers the highest level of sales. She also makes a suggestion for any business owner: Don’t think of it as a cost, but as an investment.

Carlos Veloso Photography enjoys 80% growth online.

Carlos Veloso set up his own company in Portugal, and decided to try Google Adwords. Soon enough customers from all over Europe starting contacting him and he now uses Adwords as his sole advertising option.

The success of Carlos Veloso Photography, founded in 1997, is due largely to the foresight of owner Carlos Veloso. At a time when a lot of the market leaders failed to recognise the true potential of Google AdWords, Carlos committed wholeheartedly to the product. The move resulted in rapid growth for his photography and video company. “AdWords was a huge step for us, which really paid off! We went from a small, virtually unknown company to one with huge exposure,” he says. It even managed to break into the international market when foreign companies organising events in Portugal began contracting out to it. The increase in workload and the reduction in advertising costs have led to an 80% increase in revenue. The company is now in a position to expand its workforce and offer a broader range of services, including design, web design and advertising. Carlos currently invests a large part of his advertising budget in AdWords. In addition to the fantastic results, he also highlights how easy it is to manage campaigns and how excellent Google’s customer support is. He explains, “When you know how to manage a campaign, which is fairly easy, you know that you will achieve a higher profit margin.”

AdWords was a huge step for us, which really paid off!

Carlos Veloso, Owner and Managing Director, Carlos Veloso Photography.


Virtualleds expands internationally. VirtualLeds, a Portuguese business who sells light bulbs, started attracting new customers since the first day they launched their Adwords campaigns.

Founded in 2008, Virtualleds sells LED bulbs and products online and uses AdWords to advertise them. Managing Director Pedro Neiva says: “When we began using AdWords in 2012 we saw immediate results.” The company is experiencing exponential growth in turnover, and has seen its workforce increase from three to 13 employees. Investing in AdWords has also enabled Virtualleds to expand internationally and penetrate the market in Spain, where it already has three permanent staff members. But for Pedro, the most important feature of the Google tool is how easy it has been for him to manage this rapid growth – by curbing the company’s spend on AdWords when they weren’t in a position to cope with the increase in demand, and reinvesting once the firm’s operational issues had been resolved. Pedro believes that Google tools play a vital role. He says they are just as important as the Internet or mobile phones in all areas of his business, from setting up the company to day-to-day management and it is a relationship that has generated outstanding bulb sales.

When we began using AdWords in 2012 we saw immediate results.

Pedro Neiva, Managing Director, Virtualleds.

Festival F
year: 2014

Festival F promo video
Music festival held in Faro, Algarve, Portugal. The 1st edition was on 5 and 6 September 2014.

Tiago Bettencourt | The Legendary Tigerman | Dead Combo | Capitão Fausto | The Black Mamba | Capicua | Miguel Araújo | Luísa Sobral | Samuel Úria | JP Simões | NOME | Mundopardo | João Cuña | Eudoro Grade | Nanook | The Wax Flamingos

My role in this video was camera operator.

HOPEM - domestic violence awareness campaign in Mozambique
year: 2012

In partnership with Mozambican advertising and marketing agency GOLO, this TV advertisement was created to bring attention to the issue of domestic violence. Often, the physical and emotional scars of abuse go unseen and unheard. But this is a problem that cannot remain hidden. I served as director, cinematographer, editor, and colorist for this video, selecting and mixing the soundtrack to bring the message to life. This powerful video highlights the importance of breaking the silence and addressing domestic violence.

Stand Up
year: 2010

This video was created with the participants of the University on Youth and Development. The UYD media team was challenged to produce a promotional awareness video for the Stand Up and Make a Noise international campaign, an annual global mobilization coordinated by the United Nations Millennium Campaign and the Global Call to Action against Poverty.

With almost three hundred young people from 80 countries meeting in Spain in the framework of the international year of youth to discuss sustainable development as a tool to achieve the MDGs, it was clear that there was a clear opportunity for us to stand together to make noise. Through a short and powerful video, participants of the University on Youth and Development vented their frustration at the lack of youth engagement when discussing revisions of efforts to achieve the MDGs.

Get out the vote campaign
year: 2010

Portuguese National Youth Council (CNJ) campaign to encourage young people to vote in 2009 European elections. The initiative aimed to help raise interest and boost the participation of young people in the June poll, stressing the importance of young people's participation in the EU elections. For this, I worked the idea that voting is part of us as much as the natural capacity to hear, talk and see. If we lack one of those 3 capacities our lives are quite affected an the same applies to voting.

"without voice you can't speak, without eyes you can't see, without hears you can't hear... without vote you can't decide!"

The second video was created to call young people to participate in the European Youth Week. During this event young people came together to discuss their future. They worked together in order to compose a document of principles (proposals) about youth policies in the EU, to be presented to the representatives of the European Parliament, the European Youth Forum and European Commission (whom finally is responsible to take decisions).
The video works the idea that if you do not participate in the decision making, others will and their decisions will affect your life.

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