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Welcome to the Creative Visuals Filmmaking Workshops portfolio page. Here you can find the amazing works produced in previous editions of our intensive training courses. Our workshops are designed to bring out the best of your creativity, imagination and technical skills in filmmaking. 

Our 2-day Intensive Digital Cinema Workshop is an intensive training program that provides hands-on experience in film, video, and photo production Participants will work alongside visiting experts and artists to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice, culminating in real cinematic projects Whether you are a beginner or an experienced filmmaker, our workshops will help you develop and expand your skills.

On this page, we proudly showcase the hard work and achievements of past workshop sessions and invite you to join us in future editions We offer flexible training options, including 1-2 day intensive film workshops and week-long documentary workshops, to meet your specific needs and help you acquire new knowledge and achieve your goals.



Films that were produced in the past editions: 

year 2019, duration: 11min. 03sec.

"ESTA PARTE HUMANA" is a documentary about the work developed by Teatro do Sótão, an inclusive group of the Algarve Mental Health Association (ASMAL), which uses theater as a tool for the inclusion of the mentally ill in society. The film was made with the participants of the 13th Intensive Workshop on Digital Cinema (intensive training project of 16h on photography, video and digital cinema, with the shooting of a short film), integrated in the program of the 7th edition of FICSAM - Festival International Film and Mental Health. The show «Ir, é Ser» is a theater / dance performance, which was born from the «Reabilitar em Cena» project, co-financed by the National Rehabilitation Institute and whose objective is to train people with mental illness.

More information:
Digital Cinema Workshop
FICSAM Festival

year 2017, duration: 09min. 03sec

Safiyah is a rising artist from Portugal. She danced jazz/contemporary from young age but found her truly passion in Oriental Dance more than a decade ago. Since then, she learned and still learns from the best masters around the world.
Baltazar Molina  is a multi-instrumentalist, sound explorer, facilitator and teacher, largely recognized for his path in middle-eastern percussion and his unique ability to merge various musical languages and techniques. We interviewed both artists and we filmed them preforming solo and together. 

Dance: Safiyah
Darbuka: Baltazar Molina
In collaboration with Fábrica Braço de Prata.

Ginástica com todos (Gymnastics with / for all)
year 2017, duration: 05min. 38sec.

In reality, gymnastics is an activity that everyone can participate in and benefit from. And this includes people with special needs. Gymnastics provides a sensory experience unlike many sports and activities. It provides an impressive variety of physical activities which impact both the body and mind.

The disability gymnastics program it's a inclusive gymnastics program and a comprehensive approach to inclusion that could really serve as a model program of inclusion for any sport. It ensures that gymnastics is adapted to meet the needs of each gymnast.

Through the delivery of disability gymnastics, coaches can enable all disabled gymnasts to achieve their full potential, focusing on what they can do, not on what they can't do. From fundamental movement activity to elite gymnastics skills, disability gymnastics has something exciting, fun and engaging for all disabled people to enjoy; it is also widely recognized as providing many physical and social benefits for participants, such as developing increased coordination skills and building confidence. Disability gymnastics is a far more recognizable and inclusive title for this exciting program. It also follows the social model terminology for disability, which is socially acceptable and truly reflects the inclusive nature of the program.

year 2015, duration: 04min. 13sec

A wordless short fantasy film. A glimpse into the imaginary world of a child.

Ricardo Loureiro - Noite sem madrugada
year 2015, duration: 10min. 30sec

Promotional video for the musician and composer Ricardo Loureiro. Interview with the artist followed by the music video of his recent theme "Noite sem madrugada".
In collaboration with Fábrica Braço de Prata.

Wine List
year 2015, duration: 08min. 45sec

Short fiction movie written by the invited scriptwriter Joao Raposo.

Cão Aragão - Matilde
year 2013, duration: 06min. 30sec

A music video produced for the theme Matilde from the poetry and music project Cão Aragão. 

year 2013, duration: 05min. 25sec

A music video produced for the music group MEL. MEL is the musical creation and partnership between MELANIE SPENCER, a singer with an amazing warm voice, capable of singing soft passages up to energetic high notes with tremendous power and ANDRE (AKA ANDRE DE BRITO),  a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter/composer and producer.

year 2013, duration: 09min. 36sec

A short documentary about the Mariana Romao, a Portuguese professional dancer. A short interview followed by a performance.
In collaboration with Fábrica Braço de Prata.

year 2013, duration: 11min. 04sec

A wordless short comedy film with a mix of Portuguese pop culture.
In collaboration with BÁLNEARIO.

year 2013, duration: 04min. 40sec

A wordless short fantasy film.
In colaboration with BÁLNEARIO.

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