corporate and institutional film production
Steconfer: Vouga Line - Portugal
year 2022, duration: 03min. 22sec.

Steconfer is a global rail infrastructure specialist, with a large permanent team of multiple rail systems specialists and managers, proud to be “hands-on” delivering Metro, MRT, Light Rail and Heavy Rail fixed installations construction and maintenance services worldwide.

Project: Portuguese Railway Infrastructure Vouga Line Rehabilitation.

Produced by: Outbox Productions
Filmmaker: Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
Editing and post-production: Daryl from Outbox Productions

year 2020, duration: 02min. 44sec.

Founded in 1987, LEMORAU is a growing and innovative company that produces finishing machines for the world-wide label industry. Well established in the Portuguese market, they've been growing internationally over the last years. They are now present in over 60 territories in the 5 continents. Their machines are developed, manufactured and assembled in house. Lemorau is adding to its portfolio of solutions new optional modules for the range of MEBR+ machines. Lemorau developed the incorporation of flat screen printing, hot stamping and embossing modules, for the production of premium labels such as labels for the wine and cosmetics industry. Project called EVOLUTION, counts on the latest and most advanced technology with state of art components.

Produced by: Outbox Productions
Filmmaker: Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
Editing and post-production: Daryl from Outbox Productions

The Summer Berry Company
year 2019, duration: 03min. 42sec.

A promotional film produced by Match Cut Media for the The Summer Berry Company. "A beautiful brand film that captures the essence of British Farming, and the passion that goes into the berries you buy from your local supermarket."
I was responsible to film in Portugal. The editing and post-production was made by Match Cut Media.

CNBC | Seize the golden opportunity in the Portugal Real Estate
year 2020, duration: 1min. 00sec.

Founded in 1987, With the Portugal real estate sector enjoying stable and continuous growth, David and Gary, Portugal Homes' Co-founders spent a day with CNBC and The Worldfolio production team to discuss the Portugal real estate market and how this is the ideal moment to take advantage of the country’s generous Golden Visa programme.

Produced by: Worldfolio and Outbox Productions
Filmmaker: Diogo Pessoa de Andrade and Daryl from Outbox Productions

Virgílio Seco - Portuguese jeweler
year 2019, duration: 03min. 42sec.

One of the best known Portuguese jewelers, Virgílio Seco, and his exhibition "Gold and Silver Mutations". Made up of about 30 pieces of jewellery, from necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, and ten silver utilitarian objects, including two tea services and candlesticks. This exhibition was exhibited at the Gallery of Temporary Exhibitions of the Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida between January 26 and February 18, 2017 in Lisbon.

Record Breaking Generosity
year 2017, duration: 02min. 22sec.

The Guinness World Record  for the most medication donated in 24 hours (multiple venues).
Most medication donated in 24 hours (multiple venues). Leading the fight against tropical diseases affecting thousands in impoverished nations, Uniting to Combat NTDs with help from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and several drug companies organised a donation of 207,169 292 doses.

more at:

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation produced this promotional video. The drugs distribution process was filmed by filmmakers in different countries. I did the filming in Portugal.

Google Is A Growth Engine for Business
year 2015

From farmers to florists, clockmakers to cheesemakers, accountants to antique shops, the web is powering the growth of small businesses across Europe. Entrepreneurs today find their customers online and export their products and services around the globe thanks to the web. Businesses that use the web intensively grow up to four times faster than those that don’t, creating new jobs and opportunities across all sectors.

Everyday, people use Google’s platforms, tools and resources to power their ideas into thriving businesses, innovative startups and amazing creations, driving economic growth and jobs. I was invited to produce 3 of the most compelling stories from businesses in Portugal, showing how the web is helping them reach new customers and markets as well as increase their number of employees.

This is part of a lager project created by Google, and filmmakers across Europe were invited to film and edit some of the most compelling stories from businesses all around Europe showing how the web is helping them reach new customers and markets as well as increase their number of employees.

The videos below will be used in 28 different European countries, giving a potential audience of 510 million people.

Atelier Antonio Alfaiate

Atelier António Alfaiate is going from strength to strength.
The Atelier Antonio Alfaiate in Portugal has grown from 1 to 5 employees, using the internet to develop their business and target customers through Google AdWords.

2011 saw the launch of a new boutique in Porto specialising in dressmaking, tailoring and alterations. Owner Anabela Reis began using Google AdWords right from the outset to promote her business online. She couldn’t have made a smarter move and today owes around 80% of her clientele to AdWords. This online visibility has brought her clients from all over Portugal, but also from further afield, for example Munich, London and Paris. Firstly, the quality of the service that she provides sets her apart from the competition, such as alterations shops that spring up and then go under a few months later, and secondly, the vital role that Google plays. Anabela explains,

My shop is going from strength to strength and might have already closed its doors if it weren’t for AdWords.

Anabela Reis, owner, Atelier António Alfaiate.

Having tried various other online platforms, she has found Google AdWords offers the highest level of sales. She also makes a suggestion for any business owner: Don’t think of it as a cost, but as an investment.

Carlos Veloso Photography enjoys 80% growth online.

Carlos Veloso set up his own company in Portugal, and decided to try Google Adwords. Soon enough customers from all over Europe starting contacting him and he now uses Adwords as his sole advertising option.

The success of Carlos Veloso Photography, founded in 1997, is due largely to the foresight of owner Carlos Veloso. At a time when a lot of the market leaders failed to recognise the true potential of Google AdWords, Carlos committed wholeheartedly to the product. The move resulted in rapid growth for his photography and video company. “AdWords was a huge step for us, which really paid off! We went from a small, virtually unknown company to one with huge exposure,” he says. It even managed to break into the international market when foreign companies organising events in Portugal began contracting out to it. The increase in workload and the reduction in advertising costs have led to an 80% increase in revenue. The company is now in a position to expand its workforce and offer a broader range of services, including design, web design and advertising. Carlos currently invests a large part of his advertising budget in AdWords. In addition to the fantastic results, he also highlights how easy it is to manage campaigns and how excellent Google’s customer support is. He explains, “When you know how to manage a campaign, which is fairly easy, you know that you will achieve a higher profit margin.”

AdWords was a huge step for us, which really paid off!

Carlos Veloso, Owner and Managing Director, Carlos Veloso Photography.


Virtualleds expands internationally. VirtualLeds, a Portuguese business who sells light bulbs, started attracting new customers since the first day they launched their Adwords campaigns.

Founded in 2008, Virtualleds sells LED bulbs and products online and uses AdWords to advertise them. Managing Director Pedro Neiva says: “When we began using AdWords in 2012 we saw immediate results.” The company is experiencing exponential growth in turnover, and has seen its workforce increase from three to 13 employees. Investing in AdWords has also enabled Virtualleds to expand internationally and penetrate the market in Spain, where it already has three permanent staff members. But for Pedro, the most important feature of the Google tool is how easy it has been for him to manage this rapid growth – by curbing the company’s spend on AdWords when they weren’t in a position to cope with the increase in demand, and reinvesting once the firm’s operational issues had been resolved. Pedro believes that Google tools play a vital role. He says they are just as important as the Internet or mobile phones in all areas of his business, from setting up the company to day-to-day management and it is a relationship that has generated outstanding bulb sales.

When we began using AdWords in 2012 we saw immediate results.

Pedro Neiva, Managing Director, Virtualleds.

Dynex Semiconductor Ltd Upgrade Fertagus Railway Power Electronics
year 2016, duration: 03min. 42sec.

Dynex Semiconductor designs and manufactures high power bipolar semiconductors, igbt modules and diode, electronic assemblies.
Dynex Semiconductor Ltd in the UK joined forces with Fertagus in Portugal to upgrade the motor drive converters in Railway Units. Applying the latest IGBT technology to reduce maintenance costs and extend the operational lifecycle

I was invited by Bright Spark Studios (a video production & marketing company based in Lincoln, England) to collaborate in the production of the following video. I was responsible for filming in Portugal.

REPUTE’s electric vehicle pilot project
year 2016, duration: 03min. 42sec.

Repute’s pilot projects on Electric Vehicle Share, Personal Travel Planning and Renewable Energy Powered Transport Information Signs. A true collaboration between private enterprise and publicly funded organisations. The project will make electric vehicles available for public use in each of the twelve municipalities of Portugal’s Oeste region. The Atlantic Area funded project, which was put together by REPUTE partner Oeste CIM, Scottish based consultant Nick Lyth and has the support each of the local administrations of the Oeste region, promotes a new form of public transport using fully renewable technology – the electric vehicle charging stations are powered by solar panels. The electric cars are located in specially designated parking spots close to the bus stations in each of the towns are available for public use. Tourists coming in to the towns for short visits or locals in need of a car can reserve the vehicles online and pick up a key at the local tourism office. They can then whiz around the locality in one of the extremely peppy and delightfully quirky Renault Twizys.

I was invited by One Productions (a video production & marketing company based in Ireland) to collaborate in the production of the following video. My role was videographer and I was responsible for filming in Portugal with David Cantwell.
More information abouth REPUTE project at:

year 2016, duration: 03min. 42sec.

Centre for the promotion of innovation and development of technical and technological capacities of industries and services. Entity of the scientific and technological system highly competent to support business innovation. The CTCV is endowed with technical and financial autonomy, has its own heritage associative, mostly private, constituted by industrial sector associations, bodies under the Ministry of Economy and businesses.

Products & Services:
  • Consultancy Services (Aerospace)
  • Consultancy Services (Defence)
  • Consultancy Services (Aviation)
  • Research and Development (Aviation)
  • Research and Development (Defence)

I worked in this video as DoP / camera person in collaboration with  Antonio Gomes from Picbox.

Águas de Coimbra
year 2016, duration: 03min. 42sec.

Promotinal video for the Coimbra city Water Distribution Company.
This video was created by me and Antonio Gomes from Picbox.

Clínicas Leite
year 2016, duration: 03min. 42sec.

Promotional videos for Clínicas Leite eye clinics in Coimbra, Portugal. Leite Clinics are a reference in the private health area in Portugal and stand out for their excellent services and constant investment in top technology worldwide.

Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
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