Diogo Pessoa de Andrade. Filmmaker, producer, director, cinematographer and videographer based in Lisbon, Portugal.
Diogo Pessoa de Andrade is a seasoned filmmaker and director with over twenty years of experience in the audiovisual and digital media industries. Over the years, he has honed his skills in creating high-quality content that engages audiences across all platforms, from creative media and entertainment to news and education Diogo has worked with many local and international brands, agencies and production companies, building a reputation as a reliable and creative industry partner.
Diogo's passion for the visual arts began in his adolescence with painting, leading him to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering due to family expectations. However, after completing his university studies and internship as a marine machinery engineer, he decided to shift his professional focus towards multimedia. He participated in numerous funded courses in multimedia, crossmedia and transmedia storytelling, sound, photography, and video, ultimately leading him to work as a multimedia technician developing interactive audiovisual content. In 2005, Diogo traveled to Barcelona to study documentary filmmaking, and upon returning to Lisbon, he worked in advertising as a developer and creator of interactive audiovisual content. In 2009 he enrolled in a master's degree program in digital cinema. In 2010, after being laid off from his advertising job during the economic crisis that started in 2008,  he subsequently became a self-employed audiovisual creator, dedicating himself 100% to video production and creation.
As the founder of Creative Visuals, Diogo has collaborated with well-known local and international brands, agencies and production houses to create award-winning video content that engages audiences. His full service includes conceptualization, script writing, storyboarding, film planning, location scouting, team management, post-production and project coordination to ensure the highest quality final product.
As a content creator, Diogo produces narratives, documentaries, music videos, video content for advertising and marketing campaigns, corporate videos, live events, staff videos and internal communication, promotional videos and news He is also a certified trainer and has provided training and consulting services in film and audiovisual creation since 2006.
Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Diogo is available for both domestic and international video production projects. He is equipped to handle various types of productions, with access to state-of-the-art digital cinema and audio equipment and established connections with local video production companies and studios, as well as rental companies and industry professionals. Having worked in several countries in Europe, Africa and Asia, Diogo brings a global perspective to his work and is comfortable working in diverse cultural contexts.
Diogo can help you accomplish your objectives whether you're a brand looking for a new approach to your next video campaign or a production business searching for a trustworthy partner. If you have any questions regarding a brand-new concept for your upcoming video production or a potential business partnership, please contact Diogo.

Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
Professional Film Production Services
Filmmaker | Director & Cinematographer
Videographer: Cameraman, Camera Operator. Aerial video cinematography. Locations: Lisbon, Lisboa Porto and Algarve - Portugal