produced music videos
Karoline Kaminski, Blue Blue
year 2021, duration: 03min 25sec

Official videoclip for the new song "Blue Blue" from Karoline Kaminski. This videoclip was produced and directed by Diogo Pessoa de Andrade and it was filmed in Portugal.
Karoline Kaminski is a German singer-songwriter, composer and artist, creating music content based on her voice and her piano. The Avant-Pop Genre of her music reflects a mixture of deep grounded Soul-music, modern Pop and sensitive Vocals.


Artist: Karoline Kaminski
Theme: Blue Blue
Director, editing and post-production: Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
Assistants: Teresa Negrão, Hugo Azevedo

D-Lain, Tamara
year 2020, duration: 04min 07sec

Ratolojanahary Lalaina, known as D-Lain, is a Malagasy singer-songwriter. 
Tamana videoclip was produced and filmed in Lisbon, Portugal. Tamana is love song where the man reassures his lover that she is the only woman in his life and asks that she stops having doubts. TAMANA means "get used to".

Official Facebook page:
Official Instagram page:

Artist: D-Lain
Theme: Tamana
Dancer: Irina Leite Velho 
Director, editing and post-production: Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
Assistant: Walter Carreira

CãoAragão - Matilde
year 2013, duration: 6min 31sec.

This music video was made with my students from the 5th Digital Cinema Workshop (photography and video), an intensive film course that I organize.

The course promotes collaboration between participants and creators / artists by creating real products for a variety art projects. Participants will benefit from working in a real production environment while artists will benefit from having a video to promote their art projects.

More about the workshop at:

The result was this short-film

Meia Colorida [feat. Filipa Ferreira]
year 2018, duration: 03min 32sec.

Rafaela Gomes e Silva, also known as Rafa Gomes, is a Brazilian singer and actress. She reached fame after being a finalist for the first season of The Voice Kids (season 1), screened by Rede Globo in 2016. In this videoclip she performs wirh Filipa Ferreira a young Portuguese singer who participated in the television program The Voice Kids in 2014. The main idea was suggested by the client while I took the lead as film director.

Rogério Cão - O cão canta e voa
year 2019, duration: 05min 48sec.

"O cão canta e voa" (The dog sings and flies) is a poem from the book "A Gaveta da Pedra" (The Drawer of the Stone) from the portuguese artist Rogério Cão.
Rogério Cão published 'The Drawer of the Stone' in 2018, by the publisher Sílabas & Desafios. The presentation of this literary object, given his activity as an actor, obviously gained contours of theatrical performance. The author says his texts, being the performance and musical composition the responsibility of guitarist Tércio Nanook.

Author & performer: Rogério Cão
Music: Tércio Nanook
Filmmaker: Diogo Pessoa de Andrade

LIVING - freestyle bass
year 2013, duration: 02min 32sec.

I made this video to promote the Digital Cinema Workshop (photography and video), an intensive cinema training course that I created.
More about the workshop at:

year 2020

The III International Piano Festival of Oeiras, took place from July 7 to August 2, 2020 in the Auditorium Ruy de Carvalho in Carnaxide. Due to the recommendation of the health authorities, the concerts were held without the presence of the public. The organization thus decided to broadcast the‘online’ recitals, with direct transmission on Facebook from the Oeiras City Council, and on the ‘website’ and Facebook page of the festival.

The festival is a partnership between the Flor da Murta Music Academy and the Oeiras City Council.
Bellow you will find a playlist with some of the concerts that were produced.

Festival website:

Geraldo e Samira - Uma Ópera para Évora
year 2019, duration: 01h 35min.

Geraldo e Samira - Uma Ópera para Évora" is an unprecedented work, with more than 100 artists on stage, including singers, musicians, dancers, actors and extras. The opera is “a tribute to the city” and tells the story, in a fictional way, of the conquest of Évora from the Moors by Geraldo sem Pavor (in 1165) and, also in the field of fiction, “of the love that Samira felt for the hero.


year 2012, duration: 27min 21sec.

From the same producers of the internationally award-winning channel - BalconyTV, TAKE DIRECTO is a 24-part,  30 minutes performance series/documentary.
This is the pilot episode of a series of 24 Programs with 24 Bands where the objective is to find the "Next Big Thing" in the Portuguese music scene. The format consists in a short and intimate interview with the artists followed by recording the band playing 'live' in the studio.
For more information, please visit the TAKE DIRECTO facebook page at:

In this episode we present Skills & The Bunny Crew ,  a multifaceted Hip Hop with an instrumental rock base Portuguese band.

Dead Combo
year 2014, duration: 15min 10sec.

Dead Combo - 2 guys 2 guitars and a dirty moog bringing you raw electro punk with rock n roll attitude.
Dead Combo is a Portuguese Folk musical band formed in 2002–3 following their contribution in a tribute album to the late Portuguese guitar player Carlos Paredes. The album was called Movimentos Perpétuos and Dead Combo played a song called "Paredes Ambience". The band was officially created soon after.

In this video they present their album: A Bunch Of Meninos, the duo's fifth album, which reached first place in the top Portuguese albums. A session recorded for the Portuguese music magazine BLITZ. Live in their rehearsal room, in absolute intimacy. Dead Combo performed a session of four songs. This performance took place on 13 March 2014.

The Legendary Tigerman - TRUE
year 2014, duration: 24min 21sec.

The portuguese artist The Legendary Tigerman presented his album "TRUE" at Impresa Publishing. Paulo Furtado, known by his stage name The Legendary Tigerman, is a Portuguese musician. As the Legendary Tigerman, he plays blues music in a one-man band style, accompanying his singing with guitar, harmonica and drums alone on stage. Furtado is also the lead vocalist and primary songwriter of the rock band WrayGunn and formerly played in the rockabilly group Tédio Boys.

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