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Diogo Pessoa de Andrade. Filmmaker, Director and Cinematographer based in Lisbon, Portugal


Diogo Andrade

My name is Diogo Pessoa de Andrade. I am a Filmmaker, Director and Cinematographer based in Lisbon, Portugal. I work in film, audiovisual and multimedia production since 2002 . I produce contents for the creative media, entertainment, information and education sectors.

I work directly with clients, taking projects from inception all the way through to the final delivery.


Professional Audiovisual Production

Filmmaking | Directing and Cinematography

Aerial video and photography

Videographer | Cameraman | Camera operator

Video editing and post-production

Color grading

Multicam Production

Live Video Streaming

Training and Consultancy

Recent film productions video work. Film, documentary, music, advertising, corporate, promotional


Planning and conceptualising to come up with a step-by-step outline of the progression of the film.


Plan the development of the movie in terms of film cast, film crew, shoot locations, budget and schedule.


Production work begins. The raw footage and other elements for the film are recorded.


Video editing, sound editing, color grading, visual effects, music and sound design