Introduction to Human Design System with Elvin Demir Bataillie
year 2020, duration: 05min. 04sec.

This video was created to introduce an online course on Human Design. I was responsible to film the curse and to produce the intro video to promote the course.

Human Design System Introduction Guide 

"The Human Design System is a system that helps us to understand ourselves and our world in a holistic and concrete way by transferring existence to formulas. Due to the intensity of information, when you encounter Human Design, you may not be able to figure out exactly where and how to start this process. 
In the Introduction to Human Design System course, you can reach both general information about the system and the most important basics and details that make up the body chart. This way, you will have the basic knowledge necessary to start experiencing the system."

year 2020, duration: 02min. 54sec.

Promotional video made for the Lisbon Point tours company in Portugal. The main goal was to produce a short video to be used to promote this tours company directly with international travel agencies and to establish partnerships. Tourism sector was one of the most affected industries due to the COVID-19 / coronavirus pandemic. Several tourism companies operating in Portugal had to close and / or to fire workers. This video is part of a strategy to avoid this to happen.

Lisbon: Tracing the Roots of an Imperial Cuisine
year 2019, duration: 01min. 28sec.

Promo video made for Atlas Obscura about the trip / experience "Lisbon: Tracing the Roots of an Imperial Cuisine".

"Food tourism is the act of traveling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place."
Reviewing authentic places to eat and offering small group food tours in culinary capitals around the world.

"Chimpery" light & sound installation @ LUZA - Algarve International Festival of Light
year 2018, duration: 02min. 11sec.

Boris Chimp 504 at LUZA light festival, Loulé - Portugal 2017 "Chimpery" light & sound installation @ LUZA - Algarve International Festival of Light. LUZA Festival is na innovative project that promises to impact Algarve’s region with its uniqueness. It’s a Light Festival. LUZA assumes itself as na independent project that aims to insert Portugal in the route of the international festivals of artistic lighting.

Avila Spaces - Business Center & Coworking
year 2018, duration: 02min. 11sec.

"Avila Stories": a series of episodes created for Avila Spaces about the daily life of people and companies that inspire us and with whom we have the privilege of sharing our space.
These videos were direct by Victor Santos and produced by Filmes da Mente.

The second episode is about Tatiana e Levy Gasparian - MUFYN
Levy created MUFYN - Music for your Needs - software that manages the songs according to the profile and the identity of the client. Thus achieving a balance between the visual identity and the sensorial identity that is translated into the consumer's bond with the brand.

The first episode is about Ricardo Pereira da Silva, creator of Rawphotology.

year 2018, duration: 02min.

Safiyah is a professional Portuguese belly dancer, teacher and choreographer. She dances jazz/contemporary from young age but found her truly passion - Oriental Dance - while living in London 2007.

Safiyah teaches and shares her art to adults and kids in Portugal since 2009. She creates and produces her own shows, and participates in several projects and collaborates with other artists.

This is a work in progress promo video. The final version will be released soon.

In this video I had the collaboration of Josimar Krithinas as second camera.

Meet Anuku Lorosae
year 2018, duration: 02min. 25sec.

Meet Anuku Lorosae. Born in Timor-Lese, grew up in the suburbs of Lisbon, raps in three languages.
Born in Timor-Leste, raised in the suburbs of Lisbon, the rapper talks culture and motivation.

Klibur Domin Tibar Timor-Lest
year 2018, duration: 10min. 21sec.

The mission of Klibur Domin is to relieve the suffering of people who are sick, disabled, or destitute, without regard to age, race, or religion.

After witnessing the terrible events that followed the Referendum in Timor-Leste on 30 August 1999, Ryder-Cheshire Australia decided to establish a home to provide relief for some of the thousands of sick and disabled Timorese people who suffered terribly in the murder, arson and pillage.

This health care facility was established in the village of Tibar and called it Klibur Domin, which in the local dialect means Sharing Love. Australian volunteers managed Klibur Domin for its first four years. In 2004, management was transferred to the Timorese, and there is now a total of 38 local staff employed in management, primary care (nurses, carers, social workers and an occupational therapist and physiotherapist), social work, administration, maintenance, support services, and security. Ryder-Cheshire Australia remains the major source of funding for the ongoing operation and further development of Klibur Domin.

This promotional video was produced by Pixel Asia. In this project I worked as director, camera operator, drone operator and video editor.
Mariano Goncalves and Memo Dgger were the two other camera persons.
I did the 1st draft editing of the interviews. The final edit was done by Pixel Asia. No color grading or sound mixing was done.

Tiger beer X Arte Moris 15th Anniversary Collaboration
year 2018, duration: 1min. 13sec.

Tiger Beer (Heineken Asia Pacific brewery company) challenged artists at Arte Moris Free Art School in East Timor, to repurpose discarded materials used by the brewery to turn it into art.  Apart from the discarded malt sacks, they also reuse the drums and the wooden pallets.

Arte Moris (meaning "Living Art" in Tetun) is the first fine arts school, cultural center and artists’ association in East Timor. It is based in the capital, Dili. Founded following the violent Indonesian occupation, "Its primary aim was to use art as a building block in the psychological and social reconstruction of a country devastated by violence, with special emphasis on helping its young citizens."

Arte Moris provides art classes to local East Timorese, sponsors advanced students, and manages the sale of artwork, both at their on-site gallery and at two up-scale hotels in Dili. Arte Moris also collaborates with the professional drama troupe Bibi Bulak ("Crazy Goat"). The art center is housed on the former premises of the National Museum in Comoro, near Dili. The artwork produced at the school is wide-ranging, but is often surrealist in style, and exhibits cultural aspects from the varied regions of the country.

This promotional video was produced by Pixel Asia. In this project I worked as director, camera operator, drone operator and video editor.

Arts & Culture Association Timor Furak
year 2018, duration: 1min. 10sec.

Culture is our Pride, is Our identity

Timor Furak is a Traditional and Cultural Dance group aims at sharing the uniqueness of Timorese culture. Founded in 2006 by inspiring young artist across Timor-Leste, Timor Furak aim to promote the joy and beauty of east Timorese culture around the world. Timor Furak now comprises an ensemble of powerfully athletic dancers performing a repertory of traditional, and modern Timorese dancing. The group has performed in various countries including Macau, Spain, China and Australia, France, Italy, Turkey. They are recognised nationally and internationally for their high standards, artistic integrity, and unwavering commitment to preserve the very best of Timorese traditional dancing.

Phone: (+670) 7734 5582

div style="text-align: justify;"> MEO - Best of MEO Sudoeste 2017
year 2017, duration: 03min. 32sec.

"MEO Sudoeste is a mammoth music celebration situated along the beaches and coastline of the Atlantic. It attracts the biggest names across an array of genres, including EDM, pop and electronic music. With stunning light shows and stage performances, the sheer awe of the festival is not to be under-estimated and undoubtedly, it is one of the most iconic music events across the continent.

Some of the names to have graced the stages include Martin Garrix, Wiz Khalifa, Steve Aoki, Steve Angello, DVBBS, Calvin Harris, Hardwell, Lil Jon, Clean Bandit, Showtek, Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso, David Guetta, Example, Elli Goulding, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Benny Benassi and countless others."

Client: MEO MSW
Production House: Tom And Jelly
Director: Antonio Aleixo

In this production I was responsible for the aerial videography.

props to Pedro Estêvão Semedo, Maria Albuquerque Pimenta, Pedro Filipe-Santos, Raquel Moreira, Mário Guilherme, Diogo Pessoa Andrade and Cláudia Batalhão

MEO Marés Vivas 2017 - Best Of
year 2017, duration: 02min. 53sec.

MEO Marés Vivas festival takes place in July, in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.

Client: MEO MSW
Production House: Tom And Jelly
Director: Antonio Aleixo

In this production I was responsible for the aerial videography.

props to Pedro Estêvão Semedo, Maria Albuquerque Pimenta, Pedro Filipe-Santos, Raquel Moreira, Mário Guilherme, Diogo Pessoa Andrade and Cláudia Batalhão

RCO Side by Side Portugal
year 2017, duration: 05min. 08sec.

Between 2016 and 2018, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra visited all 28 member states of the European Union in the course of two and a half seasons as part of the RCO meets Europe concert tour. In repertoire, in spirit and in practice RCO meets Europe serves to highlight the fundamental ideas and ideals that can hold Europe together. UNESCO has granted patronage. Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, has also expressed his willingness to act as patron of RCO meets Europe.

RCO meets Europe, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra’s tour of all twenty-eight EU member states, was also in Lisbon. As part of the special Side by Side initiative, members of the RCO shared their music stands with young Portuguese musicians from the Gulbenkian Orchestra Academy in a performance of the opening work, Wagner’s Overture to Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg.

This video was shot by me (in Alcobaça) and Bruno Amaral (in Lisbon).

O CASTELO lounge bar
year 2016, duration: 05min.

Promotional video for "O Castelo bar".
O CASTELO is a lounge bar with a unique view over Ria Formosa and is located in Faro old town. O Castelo is all things to all people: bar, restaurant, club and performance space. In summer the outside morphs into a party space, and there is regular fado (traditional song) nights. The client challenged to create something to advertise the venue as having "the best sunset in the world" and showing the surrounding city and natural environment.

Saia de Roda

year 2016, duration: 3min.

Promotional video for "Saia de Roda" (wheel skirt) theatre play.

The culture of Portugal is the result of a complex flow of different civilizations during the past millennia

Attending a traditional festival (festa) is a great way for to absorb something of Portuguese popular culture and get to know better the local people and their way of life.

Portugal's strong Catholic heritage, allied to the many local pagan customs which were integrated into the average person's religious convictions, has lead to a popular culture rich in a firm belief for many Portuguese in saints, miracles, lucky charms, healing springs, shrines, offerings, magic, cults and superstition.

Maria Matos Municipal Theater invited and entrusted Suzana Branco and Ana Lúcia Palminha to create a theater play for young people and families based on the idea of a skirt. Starting from there and inspired by the use of skirts in traditional festivals and folk costumes (which expresses an identity through costumes and are usually associated with a geographic area or a period of time in history), Suzana and Ana Lúcia created this theater play aiming to present to young people and kids and make adults remember of tradition and customs from the portuguese culture and how people were related with nature, the natural cycles / seasons and how it influenced the communities and the people in general. Something that is being forgotten more and more every day, mostly by the people living in large cities.

In the following video, Suzana and Ana Lúcia talk about the creation process and the elements they have chose to work with. It's an interview with the actresses mixed with some footage from the rehearsals.

year 2016, duration: 03min. 44sec.

Celebrate Casa Do Castelo - All in White - Forever Young - 2016
year 2016, duration: 02min. 14sec.

"A Casa do Castelo" (the castle house) closed doors a years ago, but memories of well-spent evenings have led its mentor, Luís Evaristo, to regain the concept once a year to organize Celebrate Casa do Castelo - White Party. An ode to the past, but no negative nostalgia. An opportunity to "go back in time, rediscover friendships and celebrate unique memories".

The fifth edition of 'Celebrate Castle House' featured many well-known faces

More than 3000 people went to the Bliss nightclub in the Algarve region (south of Portugal), to celebrate the 5th edition of the emblematic Algarve nightclub - Casa do Castelo - which was open for six years from 1999 to 2005 under the command of Luís Evaristo.


The party continues - CELEBRATE CASA DO CASTELO.

Camera operation, video editing and post-production: Diogo Pessoa Andrade
Aerial pictures: Filipe JM
Assistant: Suzana Branco

The following video is the main promo video from 2016 edition:

The following video is the teaser video from 2016 edition that was published a few days after the event and before the the main promo video was released. This video was edit by Velvet Mind, a communication agency based in Albufeira - Algarve:

year 2016, duration:  40sec..

ID Memoria Itenerante
year 2018, duration: 24min. 46sec.

The project ID: MEMORIA ITINERANTE, is a cultural project that intends to contribute to the dissemination, preservation and recovery of a Portuguese cultural tradition popular for over 200 years: the "Teatro Dom Roberto" or "Robertos" as they are commonly known.

The project ID: MEMORIA ITINERANTE promotes the realization of several shows and workshops in the national territory, in schools and public spaces and others.

This genre of traditional Portuguese puppet theater, which was on the verge of extinction in the 80s, receives this way, with this project ID: MEMORIA ITINERANTE an important contribution in its dissemination, preservation and recovery.

The project results from a Co-Production between two Portuguese puppet theater companies: Red Cloud and Mãozorra. This projected was supported by the EDP Tradições 2017-2018 program, with the cooperation of several municipalities and with the support of the Lisbon Puppet Museum.

In this video I had the collaboration of Josimar Krithinas as second camera.

year 20168, duration: 2min. 20sec.

IPAM Porto is a Higher School of Reference in Marketing. It offers undergraduate, master's and post-graduate courses in the marketing area.

This video was produced for Bode Espiatório (a creative agency for teambuildings, training, events and audiovisual content) during freshman orientation party.

E.S.T.A.R. - Theatre and street performance festival
year since 2014

E.S.T.A.R. is a theatre and street performance festival that includes puppet shows, clowns, storytellers , clowns, walking-on-stilts theatre, music and other kinds of animation.

E.S.T.A.R. festival emerged from the idea to offer visitors, tourists and the inhabitants of Odeceixe and the algarve region, culture and entertainment during the summer holidays season. The philosophy of the festival is take art to people, at where they are. The streets, the squares and  the beach are used as natural scenarios for an audience of people from all ages.

The following video is the main promo video from 2016 edition:

The following video is the main promo video from 2015 edition:

year 2015, duration:  03min 13sec.

The following video is the main promo video from 2014 edition:

year 2014, duration:   03min 52sec.

The following video is short reportage / documentary about the festival, filmed during the 1st edition in 2014.

year 2014, duration:  08min 22sec..

MÓ - Festival de Marionetas em Oeiras 

MÓ is a Puppet Festival in Oeiras city, in Portugal.  It is a festival of free access that includes several puppet shows in different techniques: direct manipulation, puppets of threads, puppets of glove and theater objects. It is the objective of this festival to continue to promote the Historic Center of Oeiras through a unique cultural event of quality for a family audience (children and adults) in an integral way with the school community, thus putting the municipality of Oeiras on the route of events for their municipalities with a special focus on future generations.

year 2017, duration: 2min. 19sec.

year 2016, duration: 3min. 21sec.

Zé Gato - Skate is a way of living

year 2016, duration:   02min 47sec.

A video I did for a friend who loves skate while he was learning to ride long board . Some clips where shot by Zé.

Diogo Pessoa de Andrade 
Professional Audiovisual Production Services 
Director / Filmmaker / Videographer
Cameraman / Camera Operator / Cameraperson based in Lisbon, Portugal