Here you can find some of my cross-media experiments. I like to create and to experiment with multimedia. I published here the links for some of those experiments/projects, hoping they'll bring pleasure and inspiration to anyone who comes across them.

project title: WHO - Your life into a movie
short description: a cross media Soap Opera that merges traditional TV with user interaction and co-creation (user-generated content).
year: 2008

project title: In the skin of (Na pele de...)
short description: an interactive cross-platform film/game created by my students from the Multimedia Authoring Tools module (EPAD - Escola Profissional de Artes Tecnologias e Desporto).
year: 2009

project title: 5000e ghost project
short description: a pilot project I created as a resource for film students during an  international training course on creating interactive cross-media films. The course "Anything is a Storytelling Device?!" aims to teach students from traditional film schools on how to create interactive cross-platform film products.
year: 2010

Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
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