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Please find below a collection of my political video projects, including campaign videos and political biographies. Each project demonstrates my capacity to create captivating and influential content that faithfully conveys the message and objectives of my clients. With a passion for political storytelling and an eye for detail, I worked with political campaigns to make their messages come to life and engage audiences more deeply. Take a look at the collection to see how I can help, whether you're trying to promote a political candidate, create awareness about a political issue, or increase support for a cause.

Please be aware that I only contributed in a professional capacity to these campaigns. I do not belong to any formal political party, and aside from business relationships, I have no affiliations with any political or religious organizations. I'm a self-employed person. The user may decide to remove the content below, which is from the Bloco de Esquerda YouTube channel.

Portuguese Presidential election 2016
Biography of Marisa Matias , candidate for President in 2016

Marisa Isabel dos Santos Matias (born February 20, 1976 in Coimbra) is a Portuguese sociologist with work in the area of environment and public health, and European MEP of the Left Bloc.

Diogo Pessoa de Andrade
Professional Audiovisual Production Services
Filmmaker | Director & Cinematographer
Videographer: Cameraman, Camera Operator. Aerial video cinematography. Locations: Lisbon, Porto and Algarve in Portugal